Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Ceramic tiles add elegance to your house, cleaning them is not hard as it looks. How to clean ceramic tile is relatively straightforward. Like almost and floor regular sweeping or vacuuming, will maintain a clean tile floor. Using plain water for cleaning ceramic tile is the best way unless you would prefer using cleaning solutions. If you want an alternative solution, you can mix vinegar with water for the tougher cleaning problems. To avoid build-up of dirt and to give your tile a long life, you must sweep or vacuum your tile floors regularly. Try to put rags or mats at the doorstep to avoid any loose dirt from coming into the house, especially when you are wearing shoes and coming from the outside.

Tips on How To Clean Ceramic Tile

When trying to remove a stain, it is better to use soft brushes instead of steel brushes as it can damage your tile or put a permanent scratch that will make your floor dull. Make sure to take proper care of ceramic floors as they tend to chip and crack with tremendous force. Like anything else, cleaning ceramic tiles can be a bit difficult if you have no idea of how to clean them. However, a clean and good-looking ceramic tile will be the pay off for all of the hard work. Avoid dragging any object on the tiles that will damage the look of it. If possible, when you want to move furniture or any object that is heavy, try using a pad to protect your ceramic tiles.

Clean Ceramic Tile

How to Keep Clean Ceramic Tile Through Prevention

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure” so it is better to take good care of your ceramic tiles by knowing the right stuff on ceramic tile cleaning. Do not expose them to dust and minerals longer. Water or juice spills can ruin your ceramic tile so in case it happens, try to act immediately, cleaning any spills on the floor right away.

Two Types Of Ceramic Tiles Glazed and Unglazed

Knowing how to clean ceramic tile will depend as well on what type of tile you have. There are two common types of ceramic tile. One is glazed, which keeps away dirt and water making the tile much easier to clean. This type of tile you should sweep and mop regularly. The other type is unglazed; this is the most common type of tile used for flooring since it has a surface that is less slippery than glazed. Although you can still do regular mopping and sweeping on this kind of tile to maintain its cleanliness, you also need to scrub the surface of the floor since this type is much rougher than the glazed. Cleaning this type of tile requires just warm water and soap; chemicals might harm the surface damaging the tiles. Warm water will help you loosen up the dirt on the tiles. You can use an ammonia solution to remove mildew, however, make sure that the area is well ventilated when using this. Make sure as well that you only use a soft brush as other brushes might cause abrasion on the floor. Those are our tips on how to clean ceramic tile.